about me


Amy Loder currently lives in Harrisburg, PA. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and is currently pursing her masters degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change.

Amy loves fashion, style and all things aesthetically pleasing or interesting. She is passionate about working with women on the topics of personal style, self-expression and adornment. She loves accompanying women (of all ages!) on their journey to define their own personal styles, embrace their bodies and o design their relationship with clothes vs. letting clothes and fashion happen to them. This includes styling, personal shopping, closet cleanses, wardrobe organization, and many other services.

Amy is passionate about the connection of one’s inner well-being to one’s outward presentation to the world.  Yes, Amy believes fashion can be spiritual (it’s not just an industry). Her hope is that each person find their unique path to being of service and recognize their connection to everyone and everything.  This is the foundation for a life well-lived and our collective path to a better world for all.

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